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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Nairobi Scoop

why Raila lost to Uhuru

Uhuru Kenyatta is arguably the most loved president not only in kenya but around the globe.Uhuru is been termed as one of the most down to earth president in the world he has always been compared to Obama. He is a temperamental president and he always thinks before he talks and when he talks he always hits the nail on the head.

It will be a miracle if anyone defeats Mr president in 2017 Pundits have claimed that Mr president will win the 201 election by a landslide Whether regional kingpins support him or not uhuru will win the election since Kenyans have grown to love him and a recent poll shows that majority of Kenyans think uhuru is the best placed president to handle the economy A recent poll has also shown that uhuru beats all the cord principals combined by a margin of over 50% this clearly shows that uhuru will win the 2017 elections early in the morning. I urge the Kenyans to focus on 2022 because uhuru will win the 2017 elections
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Monday, 27 November 2017

Nairobi Scoop


The nairobi is an online review services. we offer reviews of the latest joints in nairobi, best places to visit in nairobi, restaurant and hotel review in nairobi and direction reviews across nairobi the capital city of kenya.
our Aim is to keep you informed as much as possible about nairobi the capital city of kenya. We will also be updating you on the latest news, functions and events across nairobi.
keep it here for lates reviews.
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